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About Breezy Valley Siberians
I was raised around animals and had a passion for them since before I could walk. All through school I was rather different from the others. I always had my face in a book or on a website, researching about animals.  I always had rescue dogs and cats growing up. After graduating from High school, I had spent a lot of time researching Siberian huskies and I could not get enough. After I began College, I knew it was time for my first husky. She was (and still is) the most beautiful creature I have ever seen. I saved up all of my money for her and her care.  From that moment on, my love for the breed has grown into a life-long passion and I now share that passion with my husband, Stephen.  Stephen has been my rock and has fallen into the passion for Siberians thanks to little ol' me! Our whole world is our dogs. We love what we do and love the life we have built with our dogs. They bring us joy and could not see our lives without them in it. We make sure all of our Siberians are well cared for and loved everyday. The saying "You can never have just one" is so true! Our lives have changed so much over the years and our love for these dogs has grown exponentially and continues to grow. We began our breeding program in late fall 2012!
Brianna & Stephen

Email: breezyvalleysiberians@gmail.com
About Us
About Our Breeding Program
Everyone loves those piercing blue eyes and that beautiful coat, but can they really handle a husky? We highly recommend doing a good bit of research prior to inquiring on any puppy. That "cute little puppy" will soon grow into a total terror if someone does not understand the breed fully. We take great pride in finding great homes for every one of our puppies and make sure each family if fully aware and has done research on the breed and are 100% ready for their new puppy.

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​    Pregnancy, Whelping & Puppy care
We strive to produce well rounded, quality puppies that will not only bring us joy, but the families they share their forever home with.  We are always present during labor and birth of our puppies no matter what. We handle puppies right from birth and begin handling them more at a few days of age. We will touch them everyday from day 1. We allow every puppy to undergo age appropriate enrichment activities and socializations. We introduce them to a variety of sounds and noises to help desensitize them of common sounds such as Door slam, Loud Rain/thunderstorms, etc.  One of the most important sounds we introduce is fireworks as so many dogs go missing during firework season when they become scared. We will speak in different pitches of voices, introduce them to wearing of glasses and hats and also get them used to household smells, sights and sounds such as the vacuum. They are also introduced to our cats and other dogs when they are old enough

We follow the Puppy Culture Protocols to get your new puppy started out the right way in life beginning with Early Neurological Stimulation. We also add other fun ways for your puppy to learn as they grow here with us as well!

The Puppy Culture program takes socialization to the next level. It helps a puppy develop cognitive skills at a much faster rate. Ensuring your puppy will begin their life with a great start!

Puppies are on a strict deworming & vaccination schedule, They will be dewormed several times from ages 2 weeks through 8 weeks. If puppies stay longer than 9 weeks, we continue to give age appropriate dewormings. Puppies also receive core vaccinations given by our veterinarian at 6 weeks of age.

We never separate mother from puppies or force wean them. We allow our mother dogs to nurture their puppies and wean them naturally as they see fit. Our mommas teach their puppies valuable lessons and begin shaping them. Our momms are able to take mini "vacations" and come out of the nursery as needed.
We introduce puppy mush (softened kibble) around 3 1/2 to 4 weeks of age to begin the weaning process onto kibble.

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Our dogs
All of our dogs are vet checked twice a year, at times more, receiving any vaccinations and check-ups they need by Dr. Kathryn Kropp, VMD of Companion Animal Hospital,.. Our dogs are also checked by our Ophthalmologist to clear them of any hereditary eye defects. Our dogs' health results are all located on the OFA's website. Every one of our dogs are raised and live inside of our home with us. They are a part of our family. We love them beyond words can describe. 
We make sure all of our Siberians are provided with proper Vet care & nutrition and receive lots of affection and socialization. We feed TLC Dog & Puppy food. They also receive NuVet PLUS once a day to ensure optimum health. We do not breed for eye color but for wonderful temperaments, good structure and health. All of our puppies are raised inside of our home. 
Our Home
​My husband and I dreamed of finding the perfect home and location to raise our dogs. In 2016, we bought our home and have been loving it ever since. When we were searching, we were looking to find a place with room for our dogs to enjoy life! We could not be happier with our little country setting home and the dogs couldn't agree more!

Other pets
We currently have a rescued Australian Shepherd, cats, turkeys and chickens besides our Siberians!
We aren't the only ones who get to enjoy fresh eggs here! We feed our pack farm fresh eggs right from our chickens!