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    Our Milo. He is a neutered Australian Shepherd Mix. We rescued him from a pound the very first day he arrived from a Kill shelter in Tennessee. 6 Months old and already was on Death row. He was in danger of being euthanized that week. We walked by a few pens and something told me to go back into the first room we came through. I looked in the back corner where he was and saw those big brown eyes staring back at me and literally broke me down inside. Such a beautiful soul in a scary place and in a world where no one wanted to give him his second chance. They were going to throw him away like he was nothing. Until I walked through that pound and gave him what he undeniably deserved, a loving heart and life. I saw that face and refused to leave the shelter. I literally sat on the shelter floor until they said we could adopt him. I told them I would do anything to rescue him that night and I ended up taking him home Saved this boy's life Now he is 7 Years old and is One of the smartest creatures I have ever known and such a doll baby. He gets along so well with our huskies and he literally raised them from the time we brought them home as pups and showed them the ropes. He is wonderful with our litters and a joy to be around. We call him "Uncle Milo" and he is spoiled beyond belief.

I would like to have everyone who is looking for a dog to add to their home, first check with their local animal shelter. So many animals in there need a home and a loving voice. 

Below you can see this amazing boy that makes us smile without skipping a beat everyday since we have rescued him.
Milo's first snowfall with us! He is waiting for us to throw the tennis ball. Such a silly boy! Not even a week after rescuing him!
Modern Day Milo