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    Our Waitlist consists of families who have been approved via puppy application. We are always taking applications and wanting the best homes for our puppies. Once we approve a family, if we do not currently have a litter or a puppy available at that time, we will place that family on this list. When the time comes that we have a litter on the way and will soon be accepting deposits, the families  on the waitlist will have first opportunity to place their deposit and reserve their spot of our picklist (deposit list). All Families on the waitlist will be updated with litter plans, breeding confirmations, due dates, etc. I ask that if a family at anytime, decides they are no longer interested in a puppy from us, to kindly let us know! If you decide to go elsewhere or even adopt, we will not be offended and will be very supportive of your decision. We want what is best for our families. 

You do not need to place a deposit to be a part of the waitlist! Our waitlist is exactly that, a waiting list :-)

Those families who are inquiring well in advance to being ready for a puppy - We also love this! We will place you on the waitlist with a note by your name stating the best time frame to contact you if we have a littler at that time!
For example - 
Husky Family - (Insert email) - would like puppy around spring 2020 timeframe. Preference red male

    If you are on our waitlist, please be sure to check your email, facebook messages etc! If we reach out to you and you do not respond, we will assume you are no longer interested. We want to make this as fair as possible to all of our families. Please let us know what way is best to reach you (email, facebook, etc)
Waitlist & Deposit List
The Waitlist
Depost List - AKA "Picklist"
    Our Deposit list is for those families who have placed their deposit. We only have ONE Deposit list. We do not take deposits on a specific litter to be first pick. To become a part of our deposit list, we will contact our families on the waitlist or, if we do not have anyone on the list, whoever we approve next via puppy application. At that time, we will offer a chance to place a deposit for our current or upcoming litter. We normally will take deposits once we have a confirmed breeding to ensure we have wonderful homes lined up for our puppies before they are born.

FAQ ---- "If we do not want a puppy out of the litter, can we be refunded?" "If we decide we are unable to take a puppy at that time, can we have our deposit back?"

    Our deposits are Nonrefundable. Once you place your deposit, you reserve a spot on our picklist. Our deposits ARE transferable though! Meaning, If you do not choose to pick a puppy out of our current or most recent litter, your deposit will roll over to the next. If more than one person rolls over to the next litter, your picks will still be done in the order they were in.
For Example -
Second pick (Family A) and third pick (Family B) choose to wait until next litter. The next litter Family A will become first pick and Family B will become second pick.

​********As of December 31, 2018*********
​    Any deposits placed after this date, we are now invoking a policy that deposits will be valid for a period of TWO YEARS after the date of being taken. If you have not chosen a puppy within two years, your deposit will be forfeit. If you are interested once again after this time period is up, you will be required to place your deposit again to be on our picklist.

If you have any questions at anytime regarding our Waitlist or deposit list policies, please 
Contact Us